Debt Ceiling Talks Continue as Senators Reintroduce Energy Bill

Posted on July 25, 2019

Republican Rob Portman of Ohio and Democrat Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire reintroduced a bipartisan bill in the Senate last week. S.2137 aims to improve energy efficiency in buildings, industrial facilities, and throughout the federal government.

NAIOP supports legislation that ensures that energy-efficiency building codes are developed subject to the federal rule-making process.

“This bill is a win-win, creating nearly 200,000 new jobs and protecting our environment—all without a single new tax or mandate,” Senator Portman said. Senator Shaheen added: “Our bipartisan legislation would create jobs in the private sector, save families and businesses money, and drastically reduce pollution in a smart, effective and affordable way.”

The bill is co-sponsored by two other Republican senators and five other Democrats.

Meanwhile, lawmakers and the Trump administration reached a tentative deal this week that would lift the statutory debt ceiling and increase the amount that Congress is allowed to spend on certain programs. The House will attempt to pass the agreement before the planned summer recess begins July 26, while the Senate can vote on it next week.

The agreement would set spending limits through September 2022, and includes only small accounting changes that aren’t expected to decrease federal spending. If lawmakers don’t increase the debt limit, the federal government could be unable to pay some bills and be forced to shut down.

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