County Manager Discusses Code Enforcement Improvements with REBIC

Posted: May 10, 2017

During a recent visit with REBIC, County Manager Dena Diorio discussed LUESA’s ongoing implementation of a new Electronic Plans Management system, as well as other technology improvements currently under development. Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

Q: What can Code Enforcement customers expect in terms of improvements form the replacement of the electronic plans management system? 

A: The following are some of the major improvements that are being designed for the upgrade:

  • User-friendly dashboards with the ability to alert customers when the status of their plan review has been updated, or additional information is required.
  • System improvements, including:
    • Ability to accept any file format;
    • Scheduling Capability;
    • Management and creation of email templates
    • Replacement of Sheet Index (manual maintaining of drawings/revisions);
    • Incorporate integrated Auto-stamping process for approved drawings/files;
    • Computer Aided Design (CAD) software used for reviews;
    • More robust software that allows for annotations, exporting of annotations and comments; and,
    • Eliminate current File/Sever storage limitations.

Q: Customers frequently experience some misalignment between the County’s plan review system and the systems used by Charlotte and the Towns. Will this be addressed?

A: In short, yes. Currently Code Enforcement and the local governments use the same systems (Winchester and EPM), but they use them for different functions.  The Town land development agencies do not perform the same functions as Code Enforcement. Therefore, a customer could have differing experiences when working with the County vs. the Towns.  A goal of this project is to align those processes to the extent possible in the new system.  The following stakeholders are working with County Code Enforcement and IT to define future state to streamline customer experience with EPM.

Q: Are there any plans to embark on process improvements with the respective towns?

A: Yes, the towns are included in process improvements and the County Land Development team is working collaboratively to identify potential process improvements.  Additionally, town staff have provided their input into the development of the requirements for the new/upgraded EPM system.

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