Full interview with REBIC chairman Alan Banks

Originally published by Tony Mecia on March 7, 2021, for Charlotte Ledger Business Newsletter.

The Charlotte Ledger’s Tony Mecia last week interviewed the chairman of Charlotte’s Real Estate & Building Industry Coalition (REBIC), Alan Banks, about the city’s proposed 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Banks is also the founder and president of Evans Coghill Homes, a Charlotte homebuilder.

This interview was part of extended coverage of the 2040 plan in the March 8, 2021, edition of The Charlotte Ledger e-newsletter. [More info / sign up for The Ledger here]

Remarks were edited for brevity and clarity:

Q. What is your take on the 2040 plan?

REBIC is very much in support of the concept of the plan itself. A plan like this is essential because we’re building the Charlotte that our children are going to be living in, so we need to get it right. And we want to be at the table as this plan is being created.

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