November Bonds Ahead for Charlotte, Gastonia; CLT Groups Form From 2040 Plan

Bonds on November Ballot For Charlotte, Gastonia

On Nov. 8, Gastonia residents will vote on a $75 million Transportation General Obligation Bond Referendum. The City Council approved the bond referendum at its Aug. 2 meeting.  

Proposed projects include:

  • Street and road repairs
  • Pedestrian walkways (sidewalks)
  • Street resurfacing
  • Utility relocations
  • Street intersection improvements
  • Street light improvements

For more information, visit this link.       

Charlotte voters will also have the opportunity to vote on a $226 million bond package that will upgrade and enhance streets, build housing for low-to moderate-income individuals and families, and improve infrastructure in the city's older neighborhoods and emerging high-growth areas. 


Bond details include separate questions for streets - $146.2 million, housing - $50 million, and communities - $29.8 million. For additional information, please visit this link.

Also, for information on the distribution of the 2018 bonds, check out the link below: 

Progress report on 2018 bonds

Charlotte Advisory Groups To Watch

Recent Charlotte 2040 Future Plan policy adoptions created two noteworthy groups.

First, the Charlotte Equitable Development Commission will advise the assessment of infrastructure throughout the city and recommend strategies that balance equitable investments in areas most in need. 

Commission membership, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, consists of individuals with community development and infrastructure assessment backgrounds. These areas include those with absent and insufficient facilities, areas undergoing rapid growth, and areas targeted for future growth. The group also provides recommendations on developing the city's proposed Capital Investment Plan (CIP) and reports regularly to the Budget and Governance Committee. 

The commission posts its meeting times on the citywide events calendar.

Second, the Charlotte Neighborhood Equity and Stabilization (NEST) Commission will review and recommend specific anti-displacement strategies and tools for addressing the needs of residents of moderate to high vulnerability to displacement.

The commission will initially be in place for three years and regularly report to the Great Neighborhoods City Council Committee. Commission members, appointed by the mayor and Charlotte City Council, consist of housing advocates; neighborhood leaders, and community organizers; residents who have experienced or are experiencing displacement; real estate development representatives; urban studies and planning representatives; housing finance representatives; land use representatives; and neighborhood conditions representatives. Commission meeting times and viewing details are available on the citywide events calendar.

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