New Charlotte Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Text Amendment Filed, More on the Way

New UDO Text Amendment

Last Monday, March 5th, planning staff filed a new text amendment they refer to as a "clean-up" amendment to "provide greater clarity" for users.  Also included are updated definitions, use permissions and prescribed conditions, revised names, and changes to standards.  This amendment incorporates some, but not all of the recommendations suggested through the UDO Change Request Form process REBIC developed last July.  City staff plans to hold informational sessions in April with a hearing anticipated in May and a vote in June.   We'll provide more details on the proposed amendment in next week's edition.          

Changes to Conservation Subdivisions Discussed

During last week's Transportation, Planning, & Development Committee, staff provided a presentation to the committee that mentioned the text amendment referenced above but also described a new proposal aimed at tightening rules for Conservation Developments.  The suggested changes included the following:
  • Require an additional 15% tree save (green area) = 40%
  • Open space cannot be on individual lots
  • Increased minimum dimensions of open space
  • Increased standards for useable open space
  • Add additional perimeter buffer (landscape yard) requirements
  • Require lots to front public streets or open spaces (not private streets or alleys)

This proposal was introduced at Thursday's UDO Advisory Committee meeting where a more comprehensive presentation was provided.  This elicited a rather spirited discussion among committee members both through regular conversation as well as virtual chat.  While a new amendment was slated for introduction this week, it appears that has been pushed back to allow for additional input.     

Duplex/Triplex Issue

During the two meetings before last Thursday's session, the UDO Advisory Committee received presentations on potential changes related to parking and driveway standards for duplexes and triplexes on infill lots as well as the potential for changes in regulations for larger lot subdivisions.  Those meetings occurred on February 15th and February 22nd but no formal proposals have yet been forthcoming. 

Tree Manual Revisions

Comments on the proposed Tree Manual revisions are being accepted through the end of today, March 12th.  Please take a look and submit any recommendations to [email protected]

Area Planning Process

A presentation was also provided to committee members on the Community Area Planning process during last week's Transportation, Planning, & Development Committee.  A new Policy Map was just released a little while ago.  Staff still believes it can complete its work and be ready to request a council vote on the final product by early next year.
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