Another New Charlotte Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Text Amendment Filed, More on the Way

New UDO Text Amendment

During last night's Charlotte City Council Business meeting, Planning Director Alyson Craig announced the filing of a new text amendment aimed at tightening rules for Conservation Developments.  The amendment will include the following:

  • Require an additional 15% tree save (green area) = 40% Total
  • Increase minimum project size to 5 acres
  • Increase minimum dimensions of open space
  • Increase standards for useable open space
  • Add additional perimeter buffer requirements
  • Require lots to front public streets or open space (not private streets or alleys)

The initial proposal (virtually identical to the one offered last night) was presented at the March 7th meeting of the UDO Advisory Committee where a more comprehensive presentation was provided.  As was earlier reported, this elicited a rather spirited discussion among committee members both through regular conversation as well as virtual chat.

This particular change appears to be on the fast track as the schedule is as follows:

  • March 28th UDO Advisory Committee
  • April 9th Planning Commission
  • April 30th Zoning Committee
  • May 20 Council Vote

We have submitted multiple comments on the above proposal and will reiterate those concerns during Thursday's UDO Advisory Committee meeting.   

Duplex/Triplex Issue

Two additional recommendations were also offered during last night's session:

#1 Prioritize New Housing Supply in Key Locations - Create a Compact Development Option for new residential subdivisions 2+ Acres     

  • Allow smaller lot sizes than base standards
  • Allow for affordable housing projects and developments near Centers and high-frequency transit
  • Explore other priority locations        

#2 "Right-size" Housing Diversity - On infill lots and in new subdivisions

  • Limit triplexes to corners only in N1A, N1B, N1C, and N1D
  • Allow townhomes in N1E and N1F (4-5 units per building)
  • Review duplex lot standards to improve viability
These proposals are slated to go through a public vetting process with a text amendment filing likely in May, a public hearing in June, and a vote by City Council in July.  Here is Alyson's full presentation.
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