Charlotte Mecklenburg Planning Commission to Consider UDO Text Amendment

Tonight at 5:30 pm, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Planning Commission will take action on UDO text amendment 2024-043 aimed at curbing the use of Conservation Subdivisions for new development.  This action will be to either recommend approval or denial of the proposed amendment.  The meeting will be held in Room 267 of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center, 600 East 4th Street, Charlotte, NC.  If you cannot attend in person, you can visit the City's YouTube page to follow the action.

Passage of the amendment will effectively eliminate the use of this provision and is one of three interrelated matters currently before the council:

  1.  Conservation Subdivision Amendment - will result in less density and is currently scheduled for a May 20th council vote.
  2.  Addressing the matter of Duplexes and Triplexes in existing neighborhoods - will result in less density, "Clean-up" Text Amendment 3 adds prescribed conditions to duplexes and triplexes in the N-1 zoning category (see page 15-2), the public hearing scheduled for May 20th.
  3.  The creation of a Compact Development category (to replace conservation subdivisions) - could allow higher density developments under certain circumstances, still conceptual.

We are encouraging Members of the Charlotte City Council to take action on these provisions simultaneously so they may better consider the big picture as it relates to housing affordability.  

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