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Congratulations 2020 Golf Tournament Winners!

Thank you to everyone who came out on Monday, September 28, for the NAIOP Charlotte and CRCBR Annual Golf Tournament at Carolina Golf Club. Congratulations to all of our tournament winners!

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GROSS Winners

Our first place winners based on GROSS were:
  • AM Flight (54) Wesley Walls, Chase Rose, Chris Rogers, Chip Pope
  • PM Flight (54) Barry Fabyan, Tom Fitzgerald, Stephen Woodard, Charley Leavitt
Our second place winners based on GROSS were:
  • AM Flight (57) Derek Mathis, John Hunter, Sloan Kormelink, Gary Creed
  • PM Flight (55) David Truesdale, Pat Nolan, Sean DeLapp, Mike Massardo
Our third place winners based on GROSS were:
  • AM Flight (60) Gary Cline, Timothy Griffin, Caleb Phillips, Michael Byrd
  • PM Flight (56) Charles Blankinship, Steve Gosselin, John Hunter, Charles Jonas

NET Winners

 Our first place winners based on NET were:
  • AM Flight (48) Jake Bachman, Kevin Ammons, Cam Barradale, Blake Bickmore
  • PM Flight (46) Tom Planishek, Jim Thorpe, Stephanie Spivey, Taylor Ferguson
Our second place winners based on NET were:
  • AM Flight (50) Joey Morganthall, Keely Hines, Sara Hogan, David Larr
  • PM Flight (48) Dan Heath, Brett Phillips, Greg Welsh, Donny Hicks
Our third place winners based on NET were:
  • AM Flight (52)  Brad Loman, Jonathan McLester, Jimmy Penman, Trip Harris
  • PM Flight (50) Will Caulder, Clifton Coble, Mike Fahey, Rob Hinton

Contest Winners

Closest to Pin - Hole 12 (sponsored by Metromont Corporation)
  • AM Flight Wood Britton
  • PM Flight Barry Fabyan
Closest to Pin - Hole 16 (sponsored by Cenero)
  • AM Flight Michael Byrd
  • PM Flight Wall Caulder
Longest Drive Contest (Male) - Hole 6 (sponsored by Giles Flythe Engineers, Inc.)
  • AM Flight Chase Rose
  • PM Flight Stephen Woodard
Longest Drive Contest (Female) - Hole 17 (sponsored by Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC)
  • AM Flight Sara Hogan
  • PM Flight Jessica Brown
Putting Contest (sponsored by Elliott Davis)
  • AM Flight Carter Sorrells
Thank you again to all of our participants and sponsors. We'll see you again next year!
Thank You to Our Tournament Sponsors
Beverage Cart
Putting Contest
Closest to the Pin
Longest Drive Contest (Male)
Longest Drive Contest (Female)
Cold Towel

Welcome New NAIOP Charlotte Members

Posted on October 23, 2018

We are proud to introduce our new association members! The following is a list of individuals who have joined NAIOP Charlotte since June 11, 2018:

  • Jacob Bachman, ColeJenest & Stone
  • Andy Bahr, Elite Touch Cleaning Services, Inc
  • Drew Barnett, Patterson Real Estate Advisory Group
  • Michelle Carlson, BL Companies
  • Jeffrey DelSordo, Gresham Smith & Partners
  • Candice Gaddy, Allegiant Commercial Experts LLC
  • Doug Irmscher, Beacon Partners
  • Ian Patrick, biloba Architecture
  • Rob Phillips, KingGuinn a Division of Bennett & Pless
  • Jonathan Ribskis, Builtech Services, LLC
  • Matthew Rocco, GrandBridge Real Estate Capital, LLC
  • Jason Vaughn, Agracel, Inc.

CALL TO ACTION: Get Out & Vote!

Posted on October 16, 2018

REBIC has put together an Election Guide to help you cast your vote for candidates who support the real estate industry.

See which candidates REBIC has endorsed.
View early voting times and locations.

Welcome New NAIOP Charlotte Members

Posted on June 11, 2018

We are proud to introduce our new association members! The following is a list of individuals who have joined NAIOP Charlotte since March 15, 2018:

  • Jon Allen, Griffin Brothers Companies
  • Bita Asgari, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Laura Beaver, Gensler
  • Michael Clark, Wells Fargo Bank
  • Robert Day, Kimley-Horn
  • Colee Haisten, Holder Construction Company
  • Brian Harrison, Greer Walker
  • Robert Jones, Crescent Communities, LLC
  • Anna Karageorgiou, Monroe-Union County Economic Development
  • Lisa Kincaid, Alfred Williams & Company
  • Alan Lewis, The Keith Corporation
  • Emily Reynolds, K&L Gates
  • Austin Watts, Kimley-Horn
  • Philip Wesbury, Builtech Services, LLC

Congratulations to Our 2018 Clay Shooting Tournament Winners!

Posted on April 25, 2018

2018 NAIOP Charlotte/CRCBR Clay Shooting Tournament

Thank you to everyone who came out on Thursday, April 19, for the NAIOP Charlotte and CRCBR Annual Clay Shooting Tournament at Meadow Wood Farm.

Click here to view photos from the event.

Top Overall Team
Charlie Guiraud
Jay Hendrix
Sean McDonnell

Top Overall Male Shooter
Matt Ferlisi

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Welcome New NAIOP Charlotte Members

Posted on March 13, 2018

We are proud to introduce our new association members! The following is a list of individuals who have joined NAIOP Charlotte since October 5, 2017:

  • Timothy Bahr, Healthcare Realty
  • Justin Bishop, JLL Bank of America
  • John Brock, Edwards Construction Services
  • Andreane Champagne, DCE Solar
  • Lee Deal, Trademark Visual
  • Michael Duganich, TD Bank N.A.
  • Sabrena Fernandez, Spangler Restoration
  • Mohammed Idlibi, UNCC - MSRE
  • George Jenison, Jenison Construction Incorporated
  • John Alexander Kincaid, Southside Constructors Inc.
  • Jim Langlois, McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture
  • Bradley Loman, GreerWalker LLP
  • Stephen McClure, The Spectrum Companies
  • Derek Meachum, Momentum Construction
  • Scott Muller, Trademark Visual
  • Brian Richards, Beacon Partners
  • Brian Simpson, M+A Architects
  • Michael Tuck, Samet Corporation
  • Cary Watts, Burton Engineering Associates

Upcoming NAIOP Online and On-Demand Courses

Posted on February 9, 2018

Check out some of the new educational courses offered for 2018.

Essentials of the Development Process

Feb. 28-April 18, 2018
Wednesdays, noon-2 p.m. ET

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Get Out and Vote! - REBIC Election Guide

Posted on October 23, 2017

REBIC has put together an Election Guide to help you cast your vote for candidates who support the real estate industry.

See which candidates REBIC has endorsed

More Companies Go Where Employees Already Are

Posted on August 7, 2017

In the twenty-first century, many employees can work remotely, making it theoretically possible for them to reside in far-flung, less expensive suburbs. But employers are moving in the opposite direction, abandoning smaller towns to relocate their headquarters in large cities.

Two of the latest to move are McDonald’s and Caterpillar. The Washington Post reports those companies are moving their headquarters out of Oak Brook and Peoria, Illinois. McDonald’s is moving to Chicago, Caterpillar to nearby Deerfield. They are not alone.

“Aetna recently announced that it will relocate from Hartford, Conn., to Manhattan; General Electric is leaving Connecticut to build a global headquarters in Boston; and Marriott International is moving from an emptying Maryland office park into the center of Bethesda,” the Post reports. “Such relocations are happening across the country as economic opportunities shift to a handful of top cities and jobs become harder to find in some suburbs and smaller cities.”

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Food and Beverage Companies Focus on Experiences

Posted on August 4, 2017

The global food and beverage market is growing, and that is helping pick up the slack as brick-and-mortar retailers struggle. According to a report from Cushman & Wakefield, the food industry’s growth is increasingly focused on delivering positive experiences to customers.

“Consumers today are driven by a sense of exploration or simply fear of missing out, and are always on the hunt for new experiences,” the report says. “Restaurants are providing novel, fun and memorable meals through pop-up restaurants, ‘secret’ venues and entertainment themed venues, offering customers a thrill for just finding the location.”

Cushman & Wakefield says the pressure to add restaurant space is reshaping the retail environment. “The space given over to cafés, bars and restaurants in shopping centres was traditionally less than 10% but, in some of the newer schemes it can be as much as 20% or even 30%,” the report finds.

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Lessons Learned from California's Industrial Mandates

Posted on August 3, 2017

I.CON '17: Trends and ForecastsA panel of experts dove into new regulatory trends affecting industrial developers, industrial property owners and those in the trucking/logistics space at I.CON: Trends and Forecasts last month. Download the presentation and catch up on all conference sessions and recordings on the resources page.

Click here to read the full article.

What Makes this CRE Cycle Different?

Posted on August 2, 2017

NAIOP asked some of the Research Foundation’s Distinguished Fellows, the nation’s foremost commercial real estate, economic and public policy experts in academia: What makes this CRE cycle different?

Mark J. Eppli

Mark Eppli
Secretary/Treasurer, NAIOP Research Foundation
Founder and CEO, Agracel, Inc.

“Commercial real estate debt levels, debt growth, and underwriting discipline. Since 2009 (the last peak), commercial real estate debt levels grew at 1.4 percent annual rate and over the last five years (the last trough) have grown at a 5.2 percent annual rate. The same statistics eight and five years before 2009 were over 10 percent, well outpacing inflation. Additionally, as CMBS lenders are net negative lenders (i.e. more loans coming due than new loans), commercial banks are more important in this cycle and since Q4 2015 have been tightening their lending standards. All mortgage debt (including single-family) outstanding remains below 2009 levels. So what makes this cycle different, reasonable mortgage lending growth and better mortgage debt discipline, will make for a longer development cycle.”


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The Future of Family-owned CRE Businesses

Posted on August 1, 2017

Written by Ron Derven

Ballog PhotographyHow can family-owned businesses stay competitive in the commercial real estate industry?

FIVE MEMBERS of NAIOP’s Family-owned Business I and II Forums offer their insights into the future of family-owned CRE businesses as well as some of their strategies to successfully manage and convey the business to the next generation. They also provide their insights on the benefits of the following:

  • Creating a generational overlap so that the older generation can pass on its wisdom to the younger one.
  • The importance of getting “real world” work experience outside of the family business.
  • Making sure that new family members coming into the firm develop skills in at least one area of commercial real estate to add value to the company.
  • Allowing only those family members working in the business to manage it.
  • Ensuring that family members coming into the business gain the respect of other employees and the industry.
  • How to avoid playing favorites when it comes to family.
Click here to read the full article.

House Hopes to Pass Budget Plan Before Recess

Posted on July 28, 2017

Republican leaders are trying to pass a budget before the House of Representatives goes on recess at the end of the week. The proposal would “set the stage for a potential $203 billion rollback of financial industry regulations, federal employee benefits, welfare spending and more,” The Washington Post reported.

The bill passed the Budget Committee last week. The GOP calls it “a plan for fiscal responsibility,” and says it would balance the budget without raising taxes or cutting Social Security. However, the plan is facing a tough battle; some parts of it are opposed by House conservatives, other parts by Republican moderates.

The bill aims to do more than set spending priorities. It would also be a stepping stone lawmakers could use in the Senate to avoid a filibuster and advance one of President Donald Trump’s top issues. “This is the tax reform budget,” Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) said. “It’s critical that our party in the House comes together to pass this budget.”

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Welcome New NAIOP Charlotte Members

Posted June 28, 2017

We are proud to introduce our new association members! The following is a list of individuals who have joined NAIOP Charlotte since March 8th:

  • Barrett Blackburn, LandDesign Inc.
  • Charlie Blanton, Choate Construction Company
  • McKenzie Brady, US Lawns
  • Ross Bridgham, Choate Construction Company
  • Terry Brown, Horack Talley
  • Devin Catlin, Troutman Sanders LLP
  • Peter Greve, Pesta, Finnie & Assoc., LLP
  • Charles Jonas, Foundry Commercial
  • Anthony Lathrop, Moore & Van Allen
  • David Lee, Stiles Corporation
  • Matthew Main, McVeigh & Mangum Engineering
  • Vincent Michalesko, The Fallon Company
  • Patrick Nolan, Choate Construction Company
  • Melinda Parrish-Brumfield, Bennett & Pless
  • Chris Rogers, Metromont Corporation
  • William Simerville, Foundry Commercial

CRE’s Technology Generation Gap

Posted May 23, 2017

Not surprisingly, what people think about technology seems to depend on when they were born.

Coldwell Banker Commercial surveyed CRE professionals and broke the results down into two groups: those 45 and younger, and those older than 45. In those groups, 65 percent of younger workers think the CRE industry is lagging behind other businesses in its use of technology. Some 68 percent of the older professionals say technology adoption is keeping pace with other industries.

When it comes to ease of use, 80 percent of the younger workers say they’re comfortable with technology, while only 58 percent of older workers say they are. Older workers are more likely to think personal relationship skills are more important than technology.

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Creating Community-oriented Office Environments

Posted May 23, 2017

Landlords and tenants have a shared interest in designing office environments that foster collaboration and innovation, with the goal of attracting talented workers and enhancing their job satisfaction, well-being and productivity.

Data Center Leasing Activity Outlook

Posted May 23, 2017

By: Kelly McBride, Jeff Groh, and Allen Tucker

Increasing demand for cloud-based services is fueling data center leasing activity.

AS ADOPTION of cloud technologies to support the Internet economy and digital content-driven consumption accelerates, demand for third-party data centers that support the cloud-managed service sector is projected to double in the next five years. Globally, the multitenant data centers (MTDC) market is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.1 percent between 2015 and 2018. Market absorption for MTDCs, measured in megawatts (MW), is increasing exponentially in many U.S. metro areas, which currently represent 44 percent of the global market. 

Today’s data center IT decision makers are using increasingly sophisticated criteria when they shop for space and power. The “big six” data center REITs — Equinix, Digital Realty, DuPont Fabros Technology, CoreSite Realty, CyrusOne and QTS — have continued their development binge, while smaller MTDC players also made some notable acquisitions in 2016.  As the data center market grows, cloud providers want to bring data applications and storage closer to consumers while decreasing latency and increasing reliability, opening new markets for potential data center construction. More flexible buildouts are allowing diverse players to enter a market once dominated by only the largest providers.

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House Ways and Means Committee Hearing on Tax Reform

Posted May 18, 2017

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) has scheduled a hearing of the full committee for this Thursday, May 18, intended to show how tax reform will grow the economy by generating investments and creating jobs. The hearing is the first major action the committee has taken since President Donald Trump announced his tax reform plan – a broad statement of overarching goals with little detail.

In announcing the hearing, Chairman Brady said that the committee would hear “from witnesses about specific policy proposals that deliver the most economic growth and how our ideas will directly help hardworking taxpayers and the businesses that create jobs across America.”

The hearing is seen as a first step by House Speaker Paul Ryan and Rep. Brady to revive interest in features of their tax reform plan which have garnered strong opposition among Senate Republicans, including a “border adjustment tax” that would raise the costs of imported goods by 20 percent. Also controversial are provisions of the House plan that would affect commercial real estate, including the elimination of Section 1031 like-kind exchanges, the loss of deductibility of business debt interest, and issues concerning the continued capital gains tax treatment of real estate partnership carried interests.

Sentiment Index: Growing Optimism for U.S. Commercial Real Estate Market Over Next 12 Months

Posted May 18, 2017
NAIOP has released the latest Sentiment Index based on a survey of member developers, owners and investors on whether their 12-month outlook for commercial real estate development is positive, neutral or negative.
The Spring 2016 Index is 0.56. The overall composite Index has increased for the first time in two years. The current survey indicates that there is more optimism in the CRE market than there was six months ago.
View graphs and observations for each of the 10 questions about jobs, the space markets, construction costs and the capital markets.
View the Report
To share your feedback or inquire about participating in the next Sentiment Index survey (Fall 2017), contact [email protected].