NAIOP membership is an all-inclusive package of membership in both National (20,000+ members) and your local chapter (200+ members in NAIOP Charlotte). Membership at both levels gives you maximum opportunity to attend educational programs, network with fellow members, and participate in legislative affairs efforts.

Membership allows you to network with
NAIOP members nationwide, as well as providing you with the news resources
you need to stay in-the-know in the
commercial real estate industry. As a
member of NAIOP Charlotte, there are numerous business and networking
opportunities as well as educational opportunities. As a member, you receive:

  1. Build professional relationships
  2. Advocating for local, state, and federal legislative issues
  3. Networking within the industry
  4. Learning about industry topics

NAIOP members include commercial developers, owners, brokers, bankers, architects, engineers, attorneys, title companies, and more.  We are in ALL sectors of commercial real estate:  retail, multi-family, office, industrial, and mixed-use.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • How do I join NAIOP Corporate? You only need to pay once. The dues are inclusive of the Charlotte Chapter and national membership.
  • What type of membership do I qualify for? Principal members are those individuals whose primary business is development, ownership asset management, or investment.
  • How are my future dues calculated? NAIOP dues are for 12 months of membership. When you join, you pay for 12 months. On your first anniversary, you will receive a prorated dues invoice to update your dues to a calendar year billing.
  • Can I join other NAIOP Chapters? Yes, you may. First, you join based on the location of your office (e.g. Charlotte). Then you can contact NAIOP Corporate to request an additional chapter and to receive a quote on the additional chapter dues.
  • When I submit my application with NAIOP Corporate, will they notify the Charlotte Chapter? Upon processing of your application, you and the Charlotte Chapter will receive notification of activation via email. This typically takes up to 5 business days for processing.